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2015 Recycling Events

A calendar of recycling events has been released by the OSS Solid Waste District and can be viewed under Public Works on the top tab then go to Recycling/Waste Management and scroll down to the 2015 Recycling Events and click on tab to view the calendar. It is also available here for a limited time.


2015 Recycling Events

Ordinance 09-2015

An Ordinance authorizing the┬áVillage Administrator to adavertise for bids for the Village’s Water Booster Pump Station Improvements, and declaring an emergency.

Resolution 08-2015

A Resolution in honor of Arbor Day on the 24th of April, and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance 07-2015

An Ordinance authorizing the Fiscal Officer to transfer $22,500.00 from Capital Improvement Fund (403), into Major Projects D-1 (405, and declaring an emergency.