Archive: Feb 2017

Ordinance 37-2016

An Ordinance awarding a bid to Mr. Mike Thomas 24793 Woodville Road, Millbury, Ohio 43447, and Kevin Katafias of 2934 Scott Ct. Genoa, Ohio to lease the Village owned Dairy Dip building for a period frm April 2017 through October 2019, and declaring an emergency.

Safety Committee Meeting

Safety Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, at 600p.m. -Town Hall

Council of the Whole Meeting

Council of the Whole Meeting will be held, on Thursday, February 16th  at 6:00 p.m.  to 7:30 p.m., Town Hall.

Ordinance 10-2017

An Ordinance authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into  contract for attorney services with Brian J. Ballenger, and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance 09-2017

An Ordinance amending contract with Geno Civic Theatre, and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance 08-2017

An Ordinance  authorizing the Fiscal Officer to transfer $2,730.00 from each fund; Water Fund (601), Sewer Fund (602), and Electric Fund into Equipment Debt Fund (305), and declaring an emergency.

First Quarter The Genoa Villager

The Mayor for the Village of Genoa has published the first quarterly newsletter know as The Genoa Village. It will also be included in this month’s utility bill. The newsletter is attached below.


The Genoa Villager – First Quarter 2017

Ordinance 07-2017

An Ordinance amending Ordinance 14-09, and establishing a new yearly fee for Village residents to purchase a key card from the Village’s utility billing department for the purpose of having access to the Village’s yard waste collection, and declaring an emergency.