Archive: Apr 2017

2016 Consumer Confidence Report for Water

The 2016 CCR for water report has been added to the Water section under the Public Works tab. This report gives an overview of the tests and results that are run for water samples in both the City of Oregon and the Village of Genoa. No violations of the Maximum Contaminant  Levels or Monitoring were detected in either system.  A hard copy will be in the utility bill in June.

Ordinance 24-2017

An Ordinance authorizing the Village Administrator to apply for accept and enter into a water pollution control loan for planning, design and/or construction of Wastewater Facilities; and designating a dedicated repayment source for the loan; and declaring an emergency.

Resolution/Ord. 22-2017

A Resolution in honor of Arbor Day, on April 28th, and declaring an emergency.