I just recently moved into Genoa. What do I need to do first, as a new resident?

  • As a new resident, you will want to set up a utilities account. This will enable your utilities to be turned on and to allow your trash removal to begin.
  • All residents are required, by law, to file an annual income tax return within the city/town that they reside. You will need to notify the fiscal officer, Charles Brinkman, of your move in date and all your pertinent information and to set up your income tax account.

How do I go about getting my utilities turned on and my trash picked up?

  • To establish an account with the Utilities Department, go to 102 E Sixth Street- Utilities Department.
  • For more information about electric service/trash removal: Go to the “Electric” page of Genoa’s website.

What utilities does the Village of Genoa provide?

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
  • Trash/Recyclables removal

What about natural gas, for heat and hot water? Does the Village provide this also?

  • No, the Village of Genoa does not provide gas. You need to establish an account with Columbia Gas or another heating fuel company.

What date does my tax return need to be turned into the tax office?

  • Genoa tax returns are to be filed by April 15 of every year.

Does the Village of Genoa allow credit for paying taxes to other municipalities (cities/towns)?

  • Yes, this credit is up to 50 % of Genoa’s tax rate of 11/2 % (or .0075). To get the most credit other municipalities tax rate must be 11/2% or higher
  • To figure the credit, multiply wages paid by credit allowed.
    Genoa tax due on $10,000.00 is 10,000 x .015 = $150.00
    Wages were taxed by Toledo,
    therefore a credit can be taken of 10,000.00 x .0075 = $75.00
    TAXES DUE TO GENOA – $75.00

    If the wages of 10,000 were taxed at 1%, then:

    Genoa Tax    $150.00
    Credit of .005 $50.00
    TAXES DUE GENOA $100.00

I want to put up a fence around my property, where can I get a zoning permit?

  • Come into the office at 102 E Sixth Street and
    fill out an application for a Zoning Permit.