Darryl C. Bittner

Bittner2013102 E. Sixth Street
Genoa, Ohio 43430

Phone: (419) 855-7791
Fax: (419) 855-2201
Email: dbittner@genoaohio.org

Darryl was born in Fenton, Michigan but was raised in Northwest Ohio. Darryl attended Genoa High School. Darryl and his wife Sharon are kept busy with their children: daughter Julie Rose and son Richard Bittner. Darryl is also the proud step-father to Lisa Spaulding, Michelle Smith, and Ronald Potridge.

Darryl was elected to Genoa Council in 1997. Darryl currently is the chairperson of the Safety Committee and is the Council Representative to Board of Trustees, Allen-Clay Joint Fire District. Darryl also serves on the Streets & Sidewalks Committee; the Personnel Committee; and  council person of the Ottawa County Regional Planning Committee. In 2007, Darryl was elected to President of Council.

Darryl works on this Council to help the Village of Genoa, and to protect the interests of the citizens of the Village. To ensure this, Darryl has been on every committee, save one, in the 16 years since he was elected to Council. He would like to thank the citizens of Genoa for electing him, and trusting him with this position.

Darryl is available, by email, telephone, or written correspondence, for questions, concerns, or comments.