Home Security

Alarm Systems

There are several factors involved in the selection of a burglar alarm. They include your budget, where you live, which type of alarm system you are most interested in and what other home security devices you already have in place. Read More…

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes are one of the most efficient products for keeping your prized possessions well protected at all times. They are small safes that are designed to look exactly like common household products. Each one is also made to feel exactly like the real thing, so if a criminal were to pick one up they would never know the difference.

Law enforcement statistics have proven conclusively that burglars only spend a few minutes in any home they break into. In most cases they will be in and out of a targeted house in less than ten minutes. They know that the longer they spend inside, the greater the chances will be that someone will come home or a neighbor will notice something is wrong and call the police. For his or her own self preservation, a thief will have to move quickly!

Because a burglar only has a short time to look around, they will generally check out a few areas that are well known for being hiding spots for cash, jewelry and other valuables. The law breakers may know all about diversion safes, but they won’t have time to look through every product in your home just in case you have one. You might have a safe that is a replica of a soda can, shaving cream, book or even a wall outlet. There is just no way for the scofflaw to look through every item in your home, so you can hide your most cherished items right under their noses.

Burglar Proof Doors

Burglars break into your home when they believe no one is around so they can take your most valuable possessions. They look for houses that appear to be easy to get inside, either through a window or a door. That makes it imperative for every person to make sure their doors are as secure as possible. There are several ways to do this. Read More…

Burglar Proof Windows

Windows are a very common entry point for burglars. They are often left unlocked or even wide open. When closed and latched, windows can easily be shattered with a rock, brick or any other heavy object. There are several options available to help secure your windows. Read More…

Lethal Weapons

Picture this. It’s late at night and you hear a noise at the back door or a window inside your home. You get up to investigate and find an intruder breaking into your home. What would you do?

The first answer is to call the police, but in the time it takes for them to arrive, a criminal may harm you or your family. Chances are the home invader will be armed with a knife or a gun, so the job of defender may be left entirely up to you. Read More…

Vacation Watch

The Genoa Police Department will conduct exterior security inspections of your home while you are on vacation. You can notify us by using the most convenient option:

  2. Notify us by phone at (419) 855-8515
  3. Advise us in person at the police department, 102 E Sixth St Genoa, OH and complete a SECURITY CHECK REQUEST FORM.