Alarm Systems


The amount of money you have to spend is also a major element in what type of system you purchase. There are many different alarms available, so you don’t have to settle on a model you can’t afford just because an “expert” claims it is the one you need. Talk to several alarm companies and find out what they can do for you. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a pushy salesperson, or from a product that costs more money than you have in your budget.


The biggest considerations here are do you own your own home, rent or live in an apartment. House owners can install any type of alarm system they want, but renters may not have that option. Talk to your landlord first and make sure they approve of the system you hope to install. A good alarm will increase property value, so the landlord may even offer to help make the purchase.

Alternate Security Systems

Your home may already have a vast array of security devices, including shatterproof windows, double bolted locks and even metal bars around any exposed glass. Well protected houses may only need a basic alarm, whereas homes with no security in place might require a more advanced system. It all comes down to what will make you the most comfortable. Alarms are intended to scare off criminals so they do not break into your home. Often just a sign or window decal that claims you have this security product in place will be enough to deter them. Consider what type of system will make you feel truly safe, secure and protected.

Alarm Types

An alarm that produces a loud noise is generally thought to be the best option for home owners. This will usually cause an intruder to flee, because the noise will attract attention they don’t want. Some people may prefer a silent alarm that is only heard by representatives of the security company who will call the police. That allows for the element of surprise if the officers are able to catch the culprit while still in the act.

Most alarm systems also include smoke detectors that can sense the start of a small fire in your home. This is a very valuable feature, but people with several smoke detecting devices installed in their homes may not require it. Although most alarms run on electricity, many are available with back up batteries in case the power goes out or is turned off by a criminal. The back up allows your alarm to remain operational under any circumstances.

Take your time when selecting an alarm. Talk to people at several companies to find out what they have to offer and which one can do the most for you. In the end, the important thing is to choose a system that you can afford, is an effective crime deterrent and makes you feel secure.

There are several factors involved in the selection of a burglar alarm. They include your budget, where you live, which type of alarm system you are most interested in and what other home security devices you already have in place.