ampohioServiced by AMP a Public Power Partner. Click here to visit their website. They also provide an excellent resource that will allow you to create your own personal energy profile, calculate how much energy appliances use, compare different appliances as well as provide a library of information about energy and a form to ask an Energy Advisor questions. Click here to check it out!

ES-logoThe Village of Genoa has a partnership with Efficiency Smart to bring the benefits of energy efficiency directly to Genoa’s electric utility customers to help you reduce the cost of making energy-efficient improvements. Efficiency Smart services include rebates for energy-efficient residential appliances and lighting; free removal of old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers from homes; and rebates for more than 90 energy-efficient products and services for businesses. Efficiency Smart also offers technical assistance, account management services, and customized financial incentives for large commercial and industrial customers. To learn more about how you or your business can begin taking advantage of these savings, visit Efficiency Smart’s website at www.efficiencysmart.org or contact its customer service staff at 1-877-889-3777 or info@efficiencysmart.org.

Energy Saving Programmable Thermostats from Columbia Gas

Upgrading to LED Lighting in Restaurants




Gladden2013 Village Administrator and Public Works Director Kevin M. Gladden won the 2013 Larry Hobart 7-Hats Award at the APPA National Conference in Nashville, Tenn. This award is given to those Administrators in smaller communities who demonstrate outstanding skills in a variety of areas in there daily job performance. Open the tab for 7-Hats to learn more.

7 Hats



Doug Samsen of Samsen Home Furnishing is presented a rebate check from Amp Ohio’s Efficiency Smart Program and Councilman Darryl Bittner and Councilman Ken Harsanje Sr. as a result of his lighting project. To learn more click on the tap below.

Samsen Furniture Energy Efficiency Award

American Municipal Power provides to the Village of Genoa Electric Department a quarterly newsletter that provides valuable tips in things that you can due around your home to be more safe around electricity and even give you unique ways to save money on your electric bill. It also offers insight into what your Village electric crews may encounter day to day as they work diligently to provide you with reliable PUBLIC POWER. Click on the links below to learn more!!!!!

Public Power Connections Spring 2014Elecrtic Plug

Public Power Connections Summer 2014

Public Power Connections Winter 2014

Public Power Connections_Winter 2015

Public Power Connections_Spring 2015

Public Power Connections Summer 2015

Public Power Connections_Fall 2015

Public Power Connections_Winter 2016

Spring 2016 Public Power Connections



AMP Awards 2
At the 2014 American Municipal Power yearly conference the Village of Genoa’s Municipal Utilities Department were awarded two awards at the AMP awards banquet. The first award was presented for No Loss Time within the electric department of Public Works and the second award was a system improvement award for a Three Phase Meter Conversion project completed during 2014. The employees of our Public Works Department are to be commended for their hard work in 2014.

AMP Awards