Village Trees and Gardens

Properly managed trees are an essential asset to the community of the Village of Genoa. They provide us with shade in the summer to reduce the cost of air conditioning, buffer us from wind and noise, provide habitat for wildlife, increase property values, absorb harmful air pollution, and add aesthetic beauty with colors, shapes and texture.

The State of Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources has an Urban Forestry Division. Our regional representative is based in Findlay but travels to the communities of Northwest Ohio to provide

  • educational and training seminars,
  • surveys areas of concern, particularly after storms,
  • provides information of diseases affecting trees in the area,
  • grants available for tree planting or removal, and
  • general support for establishing and maintaining our local urban forest.

The following information will explain your part, as a resident, and the Village’s part in helping to manage the trees located on the Village’s rights-of-way and other properties. Many of the same principals can apply to the trees on your property as well. Answers provided courtesy of the Village of Genoa.

View the Tree Ordinance

Definition: Tree Lawn Area (also known as the right-of- way)

  • This is the area located between the edge of the pavement and the street side of the sidewalk.
  • May also be the area located between the back of the curb and the street side of the sidewalk.
  • If there is no sidewalk present, the property line or right-of-way line for the road fronting your property would be used.

Who do I call to report a damaged or problem tree?

If a tree on the Village right-of-way seems to be impacting the sidewalk, driveway, Roadway, building structure or appears to be unsafe to pedestrians, please contact the Village of Genoa Mayor at 419-855-7791 – Leave Message) or the Village Administrator (Kevin Gladden at 419-855-7791) for assistance.

When I see dead branches in my tree, does that mean the tree is dying?

All trees naturally produce and release dead branches. This natural pruning is only a sign of dying if it is widespread along with other conditions such as disease, root or trunk damage, ageing, or storm impact. Usually the dead wood can be properly removed and the tree remains healthy.

Am I permitted to prune and trim trees in front of my house (on the tree lawn, right-of-way)?

The Village encourages citizens to help care for the trees on the rights-of way around their homes.

  • The Village is willing to work with the citizen to help them learn how to properly prune a tree.
  • Clearance should be six (6) feet above the sidewalk.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the pruning process, please let the Village know of the need to prune.

Branches hanging over the street or alley should be trimmed by the Village of Genoa or the Mayor due to the involvement with the publicly traveled areas and safety issues.

Are we permitted to mulch trees in the tree lawn area?

Mulching around Village trees is permitted and encouraged. It usually prevents mower damage, can provide protection of moisture for newly planted trees, and provides organic material for the roots as the mulch decomposes. Here are some tips on proper mulching:

  • Keep mulch away from the trunk where the roots meet the trunk. Mulch touching the bark encourages rot and insect entry.
  • The mulch should form a donut shape around the trunk when properly placed, not a volcano.
  • Mulch should be three (3”) to four (4”) inches deep to prevent weeds from growing but also allow moisture in and out.
  • Mounding landscaping around trees bases causes excessive surface roots and can prevent proper ventilation of established roots.

My tree looks dry. May I water it? How much?

Yes, feel free to water your street tree in the dry spells during the spring, summer and fall. However, frequent light watering at the surface does little for the tree.. Water deeply the morning or evening best. A gallon of water per foot height of tree once a week is a good guide for the amount your tree may need. This will encourage the tree to develop the deeper roots to find water underground.

Does the tree bark protect the tree from my weed whacker?

No. Weed whacking around the base of a tree is the most serious problem we have with juvenile trees in our Village. The thin one-cell cambium layer is very sensitive to high-speed nylon impact and the girdling is deadly. Please, use a hand tool to trim, place mulch or a loose guard around the tree to protect the cambium, especially on trees less than twelve (12”) inches in diameter at the base.

How do I request a new street tree for the lawn area?

Please contact the Village of Genoa Mayor. The Mayor can assist you in selecting a suitable species for the location and soil, preparation of the soil and future care of the tree.

If the tree lawn area of your property has experienced the loss of an ash tree(s) due to the Emerald Ash borer invasion, please contact the Village Mayor to assist you with selecting an appropriate replacement tree. The Village has removed well over one hundred (100) trees of the ash species since 2006, both on Village tree lawns and in the Veterans Memorial Park. If you have a question concerning an ash tree that appears to be distressed or diseased, you may wish to contact the Mayor for assistance.
There are also many aging silver maple trees that are near the end of their lifespan and are requiring attention. If you have a question concerning an older silver maple, you may wish to contact the Mayor for assistance.

Ordinance 30-11, passed September 19, 2011 has the guidelines for the Tree Commission as it works to plant, maintain and remove trees in our urban forest. This ordinance is posted above Definition: on this page in blue.

The Village also celebrates Arbor Day, usually on the last Friday evening in April. A tree is planted in memory of a citizen(s) who has passed away in the previous year. Donations, in any amount, in a person’s name to the Tree Memorial fund are welcome.