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Village Administrator

Kevin M. Gladden
(419) 855-7791 ext 200

Kevin was born in Oregon, Ohio but grew up in and around Genoa. He is a graduate of Genoa High School and the University of Toledo Community Technical.

Kevin’s wife Suzanne and their three children, daughter Maggie and sons Sy and Andrew enjoy hearing Kevin at various Genoa sporting events, as Kevin is presently the “Voice of the Genoa Comets” announcer. Kevin is also an honorary member of the Clay-Genoa Fire Department. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys immersing himself in Science Fiction and Irish History Books.

Kevin was elected to Genoa Council in 1995. He served on the Finance Committee and for two years as chairperson for the Streets & Sidewalks Committee and the Safety Committee before taking the position as the Public Works Director in December of 1997. On January 1, 2011, Kevin was appointed acting Administrator and in February 2011 was appointed by Mayor Williams to become the full time administrator for the Village. Presently Kevin also serves as the Zoning Administrator. The Village Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and the Village Council.

Kevin is a member of American Public Power Association; American Waterworks Association; AMP-Ohio Safety Sub-Committee; Ohio Rural Water Association; and the Ohio Water Environment Association.

Kevin can be reached by telephone, email or written correspondence for questions, concerns, or comments.

If you have a question or concern, Please contact, or a visit to the Administration Building.

Project Manager

Thomas Bergman
(419) 855-7791 ext 200


Thomas Bergman was born in Fremont, Ohio and aside from attending college in Columbus, he has lived in Genoa his entire life.

He is a 2008 graduate of Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School, and is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture with a bachelor’s in City & Regional Planning, focusing on strengthening walkable/bike-able neighborhoods and downtowns.

Thomas works as an Equipment Operator for Henry W. Bergman, Inc., a company founded in Genoa by his great-grandfather Henry Bergman in 1912.

In 2012 he was appointed by Mayor Mark Williams to a seat on the Genoa Planning Commission. He was appointed to another term by Mayor Ken Harsanje and elected Chairman of the Commission by its board members in 2016.
Thomas was elected to a seat on the Clay Township Board of Trustees in November 2017, and elected as Mayor of the Village of Genoa in November 2019. He has recently step down as Mayor to accept the present position of Project Manager and then starting in April he will move to the position of Village Administrator.

In 2018 Thomas founded the Genoa Historical Society to promote Genoa’s history and heritage. He is also an active member of the Genoa Homecoming Committee.

Mr. Bergman can be reached by telephone (419-279-1108), email (, or written correspondence with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have at Project Manager Thomas Bergman 102 E. 6th Street, Genoa, Ohio 43430.”


Fiscal Officer

Tracy Overmyer
(419) 855-7791 ext 202

Village Solicitor

Brian J. Ballenger

Public Works

Chris Kutchenriter
(419) 855-7791 ext. 400

Utilities / Billing Manager

Leeann Dufendock
(419) 855-7791 ext 204

Administrative Secretary

Beth St. John
(419) 855-7791 ext 201

Director of Parks & Recreation

Mike Thomas
(419) 855-7791 ext 206

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