Leeann Dufendock

Utilities Billing Manager,
Genoa Administration office ext. 204

Please note:
You will see a minimum INF (infrastructure charge) on your utility bill of $2.00 and an additional $2.00 for every 8000 gals used. This charge is from the City of Oregon to pay for improvements to their water plant.

These improvements are to controls algae bloom conditions and improves disinfection procedures.
This INF fee has been listed on the Utility bills for the last year or so.

Also you will notice a GENERATION CHARGE on the new Utility bills… this charge has always been included in your electric rate…The new billing system just breaks this charge out and lists it separately for you to see.


Please read the following descriptions of utility bill fees/charges:


“Excise Tax”

Electricity customers pay an excise tax on their kilowatt-hour usage. This tax is levied by the State of Ohio, and is paid to them. The Village of Genoa does not obtain any revenue for this charge.


Water customers have a fee labeled “Infrastructure” on their utility bill. This charge is a minimum of $2.00 and an additional $2.00 for every 8,000 gallons used. This charge is levied by the City of Oregon to pay for new improvements to their water treatment plant. These improvements are necessary to control algae bloom conditions and improve disinfection procedures.

“Electric Generation Charge”

Electric customers will notice an Electric Generation Charge on utility bills. This charge has previously been included in your electric rate, the new billing system (used from 2020 onward) now itemizes this specific fee and lists it separately.

This charge is used to maintain the Village’s diesel-powered electricity generators, which provide electricity for the system during peak hours throughout the year. The system reduces the need to buy electricity from the grid at peak hour rates (when electricity is often most expensive), thereby saving customers money and ultimately reducing your electricity expenses over the year.  

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